Long time no see!

Actually, it’s only been two weeks. So calm down.

I’m going to attempt to post a new video every Monday, but you guys know me so well, that it’ll probably end up being every other week. But alas, here we are.

A post about a list about reading “clean” YA….

Enjoy! (This is the link. Click it. Click it now!)

THERE ALSO.. might be a cameo appearance by Lando…. just so you know. 😉

The Wait is Over!!!

Yes, now you can see me make even more of a total dork of myself! Enjoy! (Or don’t. That’s cool. I didn’t just spend a half a year on animation and voice overs… not at all.)

Click/Press here for my first ever YouTube video! 

❤️ALSO, shout out to my husband. We’ve been officially married for a year and a half now. Woohooo.❤️