That Time of Year Again…

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Is She Really Back Tho?


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Happy Easter!!!


Over 2,000 years ago, there was this guy. It was His destiny to save humanity. And that’s just what He did. He died so that everyone might live forever.

But no grave could hold Him. He’s still alive, today. And He’s coming back.

IDK bout you, but that sounds like an awesome story. Oh, wait. Already is one. And it’s true.

✨🐣Happy Easter!🐣✨

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Yo, yo, yo! Just wanted to drop by and thank everyone again (because being southern, that’s what we do. Politeness is so weird, I know.) for making this launch week more of a success than I could have ever imagined.

Starting this week, I will be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

(Um, that’s all I guess) Hope you have a great weekend and see ya’ll Monday!