Is She Really Back Tho?


Happy New Year! Sort of… Continue reading Is She Really Back Tho?


Book of the Week:


So this week (in case the picture isn’t obvious) I’m reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

Something that I want to try and accomplish is to be a better reader. Now before you get your pitch forks sharpened, this is NOT a 2017 Resolution. Continue reading Book of the Week:

Thanks a Ton!

Last night, I saw this video that went hand in hand with my post from yesterday.

You can check it out now, by clicking this link! (How helpful is that!?)

Thank you to everyone who made yesterday’s launch such a huge success! I’d teleport through this screen and give you all a big hug if I could! (Actually, maybe it’d be something more like an awkward high five.)
-Ciara Jude (who else would it be?)