Roadtrip Vlog!


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Cameo Appearances


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Yesterday, I posted this picture on INSTAGRAM and announced that this book was making its way into my CF list of exceptions….

Um, but then today, as I was reaching towards the end, I stumbled on the “A word” and one usage of God’s name in vain.

I mean, obviously I’ve read FAR worse- but it’s for the benefit of helping others. When I read Christian Fiction… well, it’s on my own personal time. So, I kind of like keeping it clean, y’all!

It’s just such a bummer that Dekker, this massively popular Christian author, would add such uncalled for language to a story with such wondrous potential.

Seriously, if it wasn’t for the swearing, it would have been up there as a favorite for this year! (And the first of it’s kind too, since I’ve yet to read a CF book I love this year.) It’s just, ugh. What a let down people.

Anywho, you’ve been warned. No genre is safe. đź’©

Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone by JK Rowling


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