1482365007771So you clicked on this page, wanting to learn even MORE about me. You’re not a stalker at all…

*Disclaimer: I am by no means social enough for social media. I will let you down eventually. I’m inconsistent and lazy and some days I just really do not care.

I AM ON INSTAGRAM, clicking here magically teleports you to a place where life is art and books are my muse. (In other words, I take dope pics of books)

I AM ALSO ON SNAPCHAT, clicking here will show you my day to day life filled of boredom induced weirdness.

I AM ON PINTEREST, clicking here gives you an all inclusive pass into my creative brain and the inspirations I force into it. (Also, it’s Lando’s dream to be a meme one day. So, gotta support the world of pet funnies)

I HAVE A TWITTER, where on occasion I say sarcastic things. (Honestly using this thing makes me cringe. Ew, forced socialness.)

I AM ALSO ON YOUTUBE NOW, clicking here will transport you to my last dorky video.

😸Also, if you follow me on any of these platforms, I will send you a free cat!!! All you have to do is tell me how you’d like it- Stray, dead, stuffed, or mystery. 😸