Yesterday, I posted this picture on INSTAGRAM and announced that this book was making its way into my CF list of exceptions….

Um, but then today, as I was reaching towards the end, I stumbled on the “A word” and one usage of God’s name in vain.

I mean, obviously I’ve read FAR worse- but it’s for the benefit of helping others. When I read Christian Fiction… well, it’s on my own personal time. So, I kind of like keeping it clean, y’all!

It’s just such a bummer that Dekker, this massively popular Christian author, would add such uncalled for language to a story with such wondrous potential.

Seriously, if it wasn’t for the swearing, it would have been up there as a favorite for this year! (And the first of it’s kind too, since I’ve yet to read a CF book I love this year.) It’s just, ugh. What a let down people.

Anywho, you’ve been warned. No genre is safe. 💩

Happy Easter!!!


Over 2,000 years ago, there was this guy. It was His destiny to save humanity. And that’s just what He did. He died so that everyone might live forever.

But no grave could hold Him. He’s still alive, today. And He’s coming back.

IDK bout you, but that sounds like an awesome story. Oh, wait. Already is one. And it’s true.

✨🐣Happy Easter!🐣✨

Site schedule:

Yo, yo, yo! Just wanted to drop by and thank everyone again (because being southern, that’s what we do. Politeness is so weird, I know.) for making this launch week more of a success than I could have ever imagined.

Starting this week, I will be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

(Um, that’s all I guess) Hope you have a great weekend and see ya’ll Monday!

Why, Hello There


Today is officially declared a lazy day! It’s too freakin’ cold to do anything but stay in bed with hot chocolate and read.

But if reading isn’t your forte (blasphemy, I say!), then I have the perfect thing for you…

You know you want to tap/click here to watch this hilarious video. Doooooooo it.

Anyways, stay warm! (Or cooool, depending on wherever you are in this universe.) Commencing nap-sequence, now!

Thanks a Ton!

Last night, I saw this video that went hand in hand with my post from yesterday.

You can check it out now, by clicking this link! (How helpful is that!?)

Thank you to everyone who made yesterday’s launch such a huge success! I’d teleport through this screen and give you all a big hug if I could! (Actually, maybe it’d be something more like an awkward high five.)
-Ciara Jude (who else would it be?)