So you clicked on this page wanting to know about my cat. Alrighty then…

Lando Catrissian holds the title of world’s cutest fluff-ball. Kidding, I’m just kidding. I know, I know. Your pet is just so much better than mine. And you’re probably right. I mean, I have the battle scars to prove that she is a fuzzy bag of knives.

But come on, look at that little face. You can’t deny that while, ugh, yes, you’re non-human bestie is most likely better than mine, she is still pretty stinking cute. (Especially the stinking part. No doubt.)

Lando wasn’t the kitten we were expecting to get that fated summer afternoon. But from the moment we laid eyes on her little body with all her disheveled fur and the strands of white hairs poking behind her ears, we knew she was for us.

If you think she’s cute and are wanting a fury friend of your own then she is perfect for you! Take her! Take her now!… Kidding, again. But really, there’s no better way to make a new forever friend then by adopting. And if cats aren’t your thing, then that’s okay. Go to your local animal shelter and get a dog. Or a gerbil. Or a bear. Whatever you fancy.

Because there are so many wonderful animals that are in need of a person to love them and take care of them.