The Famous Dress Maker


What a name, what a woman.

Kicking off things this week with the name of my future daughter, for sure, Dorcas. (Just kidding. I have something MUCH more crazy in mind.)

Her story can be found in Acts 9, verses 36 through 43.

It begins like this- in a town called Joppa there lives a woman named Tabitha. (AKA Dorcas) She’s a follower of Jesus known for doing good works throughout her community and giving to the poor.

And she got sick and died, so they washed her body and put her in a room upstairs. The people found out that Peter was staying in a town pretty close to where they were, so they sent two men to bring him over.

So Peter went with the men, and they brought him to the room where Dorcas lay. There were all of these widows crying and mourning over her. They showed Peter the clothing that Dorcas had made for them.

He then sends them away, kneels down and prays, and turns to the body- saying, “Tabitha arise”.

She opens her eyes, looks at him, and then sits up. He takes her hand and helps her up, before calling back in all the people and presenting her.

And the news of it spreads all throughout the town of Joppa, and many people came to know the Lord because of it.

Dorcas is a perfect example of the sort of life we should desire to lead as Christians. Her philanthropy and care for her community not only made her someone the people missed, but someone they looked up to.

I look at this passage in the Bible, and it makes me wonder what I’ve done to help others.

Certainly not enough.

Man. What a convicting little story this is! Now excuse me while I go learn to sow. ✌️



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