Writing Prompt #24


Loading Fictional Friday…..


Lina was no smaller than the average thumb. Jokingly, it’s why her parents called her Thumbelina from time to time.

Of course, they couldn’t possibly be her biological parents. No, Lina had been born one clear, spring morning- sprouting from a magical flower.

Growing a few inches high, her parents warned her constantly of the dangers of the outside world. But Lina, curious and innocent, set off to find her own path.

Along the way she stumbled upon a gang of woodland creatures, and she thought only to show compassion to them. Entranced by her beauty, they fought among themselves for who might make her their bride.

Though Lina was small and born of a flower, she had the appearance and traits of a normal human girl. She couldn’t fathom why the animals began to quarrel, and became frightened enough to run away.

The Toads, Mr. and Mrs., who fancied a wife for their dim-witted son- lashed out at poor Lina with their tongues.

“They’re going to eat me!” The girl screamed, as they wrapped their slimed ropes around her waist and yanked her towards them.

The Fishes, who didn’t need much of an excuse to fight with the Toads, leapt from the nearby river. They slapped their tails and bodies, releasing Lina from her slippery bonds.

But all too soon, did she fall into the clutches of the flies- who fancied themselves a pretty bride for their lord.

They swooped in clusters, lifting her high above the ground, before dropping her into the arms of their master- the stag beetle.

The war pressed on for Lina’s hand, though she believed they wanted her for a meal and not at all for marriage.

The Mice clan came out of their holes bearing fine armor. Mr. Mole dug out holes to ensnare his enemies. A little blue bird joined the fight, falling desperately in love with Lina the moment his beady eyes fell upon her.

She dodged what she could, wishing she had heeded her parents warning.

And then it happened- a shrill call piercing the angry hoard. Silence ensued, weapons fell, and the fallen were quietly mourned.

A bright light headed towards them, falling from the night sky as if it were a shooting star.

Whistling horns billowed, and the flap of wings filled their woodland space with a gentle breeze. As Lina shielded her eyes, she could feel her hair being blown away from her face.

The creatures around her began to bow, one by one, as a swan landed with a final swoosh onto the river’s edge.

Before her now, stood a boy, about her height. She peaked at him through the gaps of her fingers.

“My friends, what is this war about?”

One of the mice stepped forward, hesitantly squeaking his reply.

“My, my.” The boy tsked, before turning to face Lina. She bowed quickly, terrified of this seemingly new threat. “Am I not a good prince?”

Lina looked around, the animals seemed to nod their heads in response.

“Am I not a fair prince?” More nodding.

“Then I shall solve this problem immediately.” He was before Lina now, and she could see the needle of a sword in his belt.

“Please don’t kill me!” She shrieked. The prince seemed taken a back by this plea. He reached out his hand, and she took it, slowly standing before him.

“My dear girl, is that you think these subjects are here to do? To kill you?” She muttered a yes, to which he let out a hearty laugh.

“No, no. They wish to make you a bride! And a bride you shall be!” He knelt down before Lina, revealing a ring perfectly sized to fit her finger.

She could scarcely believe what was to happen next. A fairy prince wished to marry her! How her parents would be thrilled.

How thrilled was she! To think that there was probably no one who could ever truly love her. And how the prince had come to love her. Of course, it wasn’t love at first sight, but as they soared across the countryside on his regal swan- he couldn’t help but feel she was already so dear to him.

Their wedding day finally arrived. Her parents had attended, drying their tears on handkerchiefs so as not to drown the other guests.

“You may now kiss the bride!” The prince dipped Lina, and the crowd of fairy folk and woodland creatures began to cheer.

“All right!” Lina’s father called to the crowd. “Who wants cake?”

It should be noted that you should always mind where you step. For Lina’s overly-excited father did not. And squished the newly-wedded pair flat.

And in the frenzy and panic, her mother leveled the wedding guests to boot.

This is why, children, fairies no longer exist.



Ps… my husband was prettttty sick this week so, I played nurse instead of reading. Book review next week, I promise. Maybe. 😝




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