Wonder by R.J. Palacio


Wrapping up this month’s apparent genre marathon.

Just kidding.

If there is anyone out there who actually only reads one genre, ever, especially Christian romance…. just, why?! How?! What is your secret?! Please!!!!

Seriously, I need to know. Haha.

Anywho, this book comes HIGHLY recommended by EVERYONE on the interwebs.

I’ve seen it around at Barnes and Noble for a good while but never got the courage to buy it. (Frugal, money-spending chicken here) But magically I found it at at a thrift store, and I was like YAAAAAS.

Anywho, the movie trailer was released a little bit ago and it looks SO GOOD.

Now on to last week’s mini disaster….


Genre: Christian/Historical Fiction

Swearing: Not a single one. It’s a miracle! (Not really)

Synopsis: Set in the backdrop of 1917 something, a forced romance is afoot between a sufragette and her mysteriously masked boss.

(Have you guys noticed that I LITERALLY just used the same stuff I said last week- minus the minutiae details!?)

Changing things up now…

Mini Book Review: It was definitely better than last week’s- with a little bit of a beauty and the beast vibe going on. Not great or anything, but an improvement. Also, it has a pretty nice, “didn’t see that one coming” plot twist.

Inappropriate content: Drinking and war stuff.

Rating: 📚📚📚of 8 (Eight points=Creative story idea, dynamic for it’s genre, easy to read, enjoyable, strong lead characters, good villain, believable and shipable romance, overall execution)

Not by sight… More like not by the fact that, “aw crap, why am I reading another one of these!?” Teehee.


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