What legacy will I leave?

So, this week we’re traveling out a ways away to spread the ashes of my husband’s grandfather. It’s the perfect time to think of the impact we have on other’s lives and what we leave behind.

Famous authors like Jane Austen and Mark Twain are remembered through their published works. I wonder what type of works people will remember me by? I’m not just talking about this website, a possible book, or my instagramming… but also what I actually do day to day.

When people think back on me, will they say she was a hard worker and she put her best in everything? Or will they say I was a lazy bum… someone who let their social anxieties and personal insecurities get in the way from doing great things?

Rembrandt, Picasso, and Van Gogh are immortalized through their art… and so I ponder at what kind of pictures I will leave behind to the small corner of the universe I reach.

What sort of image will they see when they think of me? Was I positive? Happy? Did I paint in strokes optimism and wonder… or did I scrawl out hate, complaints, and pain?

Sometimes, it’s so easy to be so focused in on the moment and the “me” factor. I need this. I want this. This isn’t fair to me. But what a beautiful legacy to leave behind, if the ones you know could say “they were always grateful”.

“They always had a smile on their face.”

“They focused on making sure everyone else was okay, abandoning self.”

“Always helpful.”

“Never complained.”

“They lived a life that glorified God.”

My parents raised me to be a strong Christian woman who glorifies God in all I do… but the execution, I’m afraid, isn’t always up to par.

I don’t know what I’ll leave behind, but for now, right now, that’s all I can strive to do. And hopefully through that, my actions might have wonderful, eternal outcomes.

✨BIG, BIG CHANGES ARE COMING! The first is on Wednesday with a surprise new way I’m doing book reviews! So be a lookin’ for that!✨

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