If I’m Found by Terri Blackstock


The sequel to last week’s.

Woohoo, another series I can’t finish because the next book isn’t out yet!

Why me?!?

Anywho, on to this week’s review of last week’s book… confusing right?


Now, you’ll notice that this is the first Christian Fiction book that I’ve read and am reviewing on here. Why is that, you might be wondering?

Well, if you’ve stuck with me long enough then you know I’m pretty stinkin picky. Finding a great book that leaves me begging for more- well, that’s about as rare as finding a thousand bucks in a dumpster.

Christian Fiction is no exception to this, regardless of the high possibility of clean content.

Now, stop by your nearest book store/library, go to this section in fiction, and you will see something like this:

Amish NOT Amish Amish Amish Amish Amish Amish Amish Amish NOT Amish Amish Amish Amish Amish Amish Amish Amish Amish NOT Amish Amish Amish NOT Amish Amish Amish Amish Amish

You get the idea.

Other marks against this particular fiction are:

Sappy, overused plot lines for romance– I just feel like, if you’ve read one CF romance, then you’ve kind of read them all.
When fiction becomes a devotional- I know. I’m horrible for even saying it. But there’s a way to write a great story without mini-sermons and lessons strategically placed for the Protagonist. It just is so awkward. I get it though. The message isn’t really for the main character at all…
Not every old lady you meet is sweet and believes in Jesus– 90% of the elderly are grumpy… Especially if they don’t get their sale on yarn.
Written for Christians and Christians only- it’s sad to say, but most books I’ve read in the genre are surface level when it comes to content. Predictable and not at all relatable, the stories are meant to make you feel good. But life isn’t all gumdrops and dandelions. Sometimes life just sucks and humans suck and the only way out is through.

So, where does this book leave us?

I think it’s definitely a step in the right direction. It’s the exception to the rule. The diamond in the rough.

While it’s not one hundred percent there, I’d still say that it’s on the right course.

For one, this isn’t a romance. It’s about a girl framed for murder on the run for her life and about the man hunting her down.

There are a few things in here, between the two perspectives, that even remind me of Jack Reacher. And the universe knows how much I LOVE Jack Reacher.

The main girl is also not a Christian and not really looking to be one. There are a few outside, witnessing influences to that (unfortunately the nice and wise old lady troupe is here to stay), but in the end she doesn’t have some magical epiphany. There’s not some powerful prayer that instantaneously makes her problems disappear.

And that in and of itself, is a breath of fresh air.

I do think that there was just something barely missing with this story- something that could drive it over the edge and make me say FINALLY, YOU’RE THE BOOK I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! I can’t really say what, (definitely the violence… man, I’ve been living with a guy far too long) but oh well.

Sadly, I’m still waiting. Which means I might just have to write what I want to read myself. *Wink Wink*

But yes, read it and all that crap. Because it was pretty dang good, clean, and look- didn’t even need to mention swearing cause there ain’t none.

Good day. ✌️🌸😄

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