The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Here’s this week’s book.

Happy belated weekend. And Memorial Day. And… whatever else it is that makes ya happy.

I haven’t posted in a while because like all good writers, (or terrible ones such as myself) I needed a small amount of time to just step back and regroup.

Or in other words, I’ve had a case of laziness.

But I’m back! And with a vengeance. And totally ready to re-read a book I haven’t visited with in awhile.

But let’s move on to the dreaded review of the ghost of books read in weeks past.

I don’t know. *Insert Facepalm Here*


Now how to approach this…. brief summary:

13 Reasons Why follows Hannah Baker, a girl who’s committed suicide and left a series of recorded tapes behind.

Each side of a tape is a reason why she killed herself, and each reason is tied to a person. (Hence the name…)

Basically, tapes=reasons=you get the tapes=you’re a reason she killed herself

We get her side of the story, along with the perspective of Clay… a boy who is listening, waiting to see the reason why he’s on the tapes.

Okay. Brief summary. Done.

What now?

Well, without giving any spoilers away, here’s what to expect from the book:

Minimal swearing. Bullying. Stalking. Heartbrokenness. Car accidents. Rape. And suicide.


If you’re looking to join the hype of 13 Reasons without the scarring imagery- the book is definitely for you. It’s just, the easier to swallow, tamer version.

And that’s it, I guess?

See y’all later, peace ✌️

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