13 Reasons Why By Jay Asher


Surprise, surprise.

I’m not in the loop about all the popular things. So, when I was flipping through Netflix one night, I clicked on this little show, totally prepared to fall asleep to it.

Another teen drama? Ugh. Been there. Done that.

But I found myself coming up for air (and in much need of a potty break) as the rising sun was beginning to cast a glare on my screen.

Yeah, I pretty much binged it all in the course of two days.

Now, there’s a lot of controversy still going around with this Netflix Original Series. And they just announced a second season just last week. So of course, I most definitely have my own opinions of the show.

But over the next week (or two, honestly depending on heavy the source material is for me), I’m going to read this book with as little bias as I can….

So be looking forward to that! (Not)

On to yet another review:

I’ve spent the good portion of this day reading this little story in it’s entirety. And at first it was because I knew I needed to finish it for today.

But I don’t think I could have put it down, even if I tried.

The story begins basic enough. It’s a tale woven in this war-ridden world, set in the backdrop of something that feels a lot like Soviet Russia. (But it’s totally not)

Let me stop here. I just saw Anastasia this weekend (childhood feels), and so, I’ll say that the Apparat guy (however you spell it) totally was Rasputin in my mind.

Moving on!

We’re met with Alina Starkov, an orphan from war, who’s madly in love with her best friend. She’s sickly and not at all pretty, at least, that’s what she tells her self. There’s nothing so special about her.

Until MIRACULOUSLY, out of nowhere, a power that’s been dormant within is unleashed.

Sound familiar? Well, it is YA.

She’s soon thrust into a new world, into the arms of the ever dark and mysterious… Darkling?

Okay, I’ve got to pause for a moment here. The Darkling? Seriously? That’s what we’re going with? That’s his name? Seriously?! I get it’s more so a title then anything, but that is all we know this guy to be. The whole book. Goodness.

Anyway, so she learns to control her powers. She’s this new hope to her country. Suddenly, she’s not ugly like she once was. At least, not to herself. You get the picture.

Now this is where the spoilers come in. I’ll try to be as vague as I can, but it’s not something that’s really gasp worthy anyway.

Let’s start with the swearing. It’s mild. Only about 5 words are thrown in all of the story. H***, a**, b*****d, and (if you’ve ever seen LOST, Sawyer’s favorite:) son of a… you get the idea.

Now, the love triangle. Oh, yes. There’s a love triangle. (If you’re not looking for a spoiler, skip these two paragraphs.) So, the Darkling (surprise, surprise) ends up living to that name. He has (PLOT TWIST) evil motives. Still, she’s drawn to him. She hates him. But she’s drawn to him. What does that mean for the future- I guess I’ll need to read the other books to find out.

I hate love triangles. They’re really hard to believe. (Especially for a girl who is just so unattractive.) But I didn’t completely hate this one. Only because it was almost completely shattered when one of the guys turned to the… uh… dark side. (Pun intended) And I say almost shattered because who knows?! She might choose the villain. She might became the villain herself.

Who am I kidding?! Haha. Anyway, aside from the book being what it was, the world building was wonderfully done. The author created a unique place for fantasy. It wasn’t set in medieval England, like its counterparts. And I think for me, that’s what set it a part. That’s what I liked about it.

Well, aside from throwing in words that I struggled on pronouncing. Like Etherealki. And Malenchki. And Poliznaya.

Would I say this book is THE BEST BOOK I’VE EVER READ? Not by a long shot. But it’s a well-done, creative tale. I applaud it, recommend it, and look forward to reading the sequels.

And that’s all I gotta say about that.

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