Belated Book Review of HEARTLESS


The wait is over!

Not like this review warrants anything spectacular enough for you to be impatient over.

Let’s get on with it:

So, if you’ve read any of my other book reviews, you’ll know that one- I’m a sucker for a good fairytale remaking. And two- I am most of the time, pretty much, unimpressed by YA.

Comparing Heartless to Fairest, because they’re both origins of villains by the same author- this one is definitely the superior.

I find the best villains are typically the ones we can sympathize with. And man, does this book offer up a lot of source material for sympathy!

There’s all of these hopes and dreams that our protag has, that seem impossible (and ultimately I knew it was never going to happen for her), and yet you can’t help but cheer for the girl.

There’s demands that her parents and the king expect from her too. Top it all off with a forbidden romance destined for tragedy, and you’ve got yourself a band of intriguing characters, with an equally more intriguing story.

It has all the whimsy of Wonderland that you’d hope for, with new elements that are far superior to other adaptations of the classic.

One use of the “d-word” is mingled in. But I wouldn’t consider it a swear word, since it was used in context.

Overall, my only problems from the book were: I wanted more action and more of Jest, which seemed to make the story drag. It was a predictable outcome, but because of the nature of the story, I guess it was necessary?

That and there was too much talk of food and sweets. It made me FAMISHED, just reading about it.

It also shed a new light on the beloved Mad Hatter, which was pretty cool as well.

So there. That’s it. That’s all I have. Read it if you haven’t. It’s not bad.

Now I’m gonna go raid my kitchen.

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