Heartless by Marissa Meyer

I actually wasn’t planning on reading this…

Well, at least not this week. But alas, I’m a big believer in reading a book from the library before buying it. So, of course, this one has a 15 people waiting list.

Which means, since it’s now almost overdue… I have to return it.

Ugh. This life.

On to last week’s book. Which had a rather surprising outcome for me.


Now I knew the general gist of this only from the recent commercials because the movie comes out in a couple of weeks.

My initial reaction to the trailer was “OH, another FIOS”. It just had that certain look to it. You know. The whole teen romance thing with hints of dark humor and teenly like things.

But hey, even though I found The Fault In Our Stars to be a little pretentious for the audience, I really enjoyed how that one was written. It’s one of those books that just makes people feel smart after reading it.

Good for them! 👍

So, I didn’t have any real expectations for this one. BUT MAN DID IT DELIVER.

The writing style is just so beautifully done. I think it does a good job of enhancing the reading experience.

The story itself is pretty good. I found the main character to be relatable enough, and the romance was mildly entertaining.

I did find myself being very suspicious of the actual plot. And when those suspicions were confirmed, it made me feel pretty darn good about myself. (Of course, a third grader could probably predict the ending.)

Language wise, I know in the past I’ve failed at being exact. So I wanted to be really precise for you today:

3 God’s name with d*** on page 103
1 God’s name with d***, 1 s***, and 1 a**hole on page 108
1 God’s name with d*** and 1 misuse of Jesus’ name on page 109
1 b*****d on page 214
And 1 b*****d on page 231

(How is that for precision?!)

My only dislike of the book would be that there is yet another sex scene. Or the alluding to it. I think it’s become one of those things where it’s a requirement that you have to incorporate it in, otherwise the romance isn’t believable. But that’s just not true. Because in the real world it complicates everything, everything.

Does it do it in this book? Well, I ain’t tellin’.

Overall (ending the review now because I don’t want to give anything away by going into details), the book was surprisingly one I liked. In fact, it’s a rare exception to my normal views on YA- I’d actually read it again. Maybe it’s because I admire the writing style. Maybe it’s because the main character is sooooo, sheltered and homeschooled like a younger me. Or maybe it was just that good!

Either way, I strongly recommend it. Especially before you watch the movie. BECAUSE, that would be blasphemy!

✨Also, the ending is super cute! ✨

Oh, my bad. Spoilers.

•••••Here’s another thing I liked: she does these super short spoiler reviews for books. It’s pretty dang cute. So I’d say the deal with Everything, Everything is this: EVERYTHING is Everything.

Seriously though! I want to reread it just so I can count how many times they used the word- everything.

Because, it’s a lot.💩

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