Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon


For obvious reasons….

All I know about this guy is the commercials that scream YA YA YA! It’s the next “Fault in Our Stars” or “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”.

But sue me, okay! (You’ll only get around ten bucks out of it though.) These teen stories that are beyond the realms of reality for romance, kinda just have a way of suckering me in.

Plus doesn’t it have that girl who played Rue in the Hunger Games?! RUUUUUUUE 😭😭😭

Anywho, let’s get on to the review of yet another geared towards teenager read. (I’m getting to old for these books)


So, the summary on the inside sleeve is pretty vague. I think that’s what drew me in the first several pages. And then the author just screwed up from there. Sorry, sorry. I mean, she did a great job! Woohoo! (I don’t mean that. Chick totally missed the mark here.)

Spoiler Warning ⚠️ (Well, spoiler-ish. I’m not giving away the ending, so don’t get your knickers in a bunch.)

The mystery of what was going to happen made the story intriguing for the first fifty pages.

Of course, the author wove it into a tale about time travel. And that’s where my interest began to wane.

It’s not that time travel is all that bad, even if it’s overused just a smidge. My problem came with the fact that I, and the main character, needed to be lectured on every rule and detail that went along with this specific brand of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey.

I think, in increments, the explanations would have been fine. But there were long moments of dialogue where the characters personalities were drowned out by the author pushing how different her time travel is compared to others. It was like hearing one of those vaguely European villains reading the owners manuel of a copy machine. Boooring. 😴

I think this hurt the overall situations in some of the scenes. But, eh, what do I know? I’m not the Doctor or his companion. My name isn’t Marty Mcfly. And I most definitely do not have a nerdy brain… at all.

Now, moving past that rant, I think the concept is generally good for the time traveling. It does kind of feel like I’ve read it before, but that could be just because… oh, you know what I’m about to say:

Every. YA. Book. Is. The. Same.

Don’t believe me? (If you don’t by now then you are seriously a lost cause.)

There’s this girl. And her whole life is mapped out in front of her. Until she’s pulled from it, by this unforeseeable force. She finds herself emersed in a different world, everything about her reality spinning out of control.

All the while, she meets this guy. He’s rugged and handsome. They’re instantly drawn to each other. And despite their better judgement (and not really knowing all that much about each other), they begin to fall. And then crash land into a sea of angst and conflict and emotion.

They’re put on a quest together, and they try to fight their feelings. There’s an intense struggle. Followed by a teaser trailer of a kiss. Then the first, full length trailer. And then there’s the kiss that’s the point of no return, the last trailer that gives away all of the spoilers.

And then they play the whole movie. (As in, they totally get it on. But in a PG-13, we’re just hinting that this is what we’re doing and then cutting to the morning after scene. Because that makes it so much better.)

Oh, and the guy is self-loathing. And the girl doesn’t think she’s pretty or charming, but every guy she meets is all like 🤤🤤🤤

Also, he’s 20. And she’s 17. But that’s totally okay and justifiable. I don’t know why, loving each other, maybe? She’s almost eighteen? It’s consensual? Who knows. But that is some illegal crap there.

Swearing wise- there’s H’s and D’s and B’s and A’s. It’s tame enough words, but too many all the same.

Now positive things… hmmm… well, the cover is very pretty. Haha. But in all seriousness, I did like the actual action of time travel. The destinations seemed to be a little generic for historical points in time, but if I had the ability to go through time, I’d probably think differently. (Perhaps I’m just a tad bit jealous here.)

Even though I’m hoping there wasn’t some political agenda behind the story, I did also like how it got real (ish) with serious issues like racism and feminism in different time periods. I’d have liked to have seen more depth in those areas, but eh, I’ve come to not have high expectations when it comes to these overly popular books. As I’ve said before… getting too freakin old here 😝

I’m sorry. I just, found it really difficult to be kind. I think, maybe if their relationship had more substance to it then attraction, it would have been fine. Ugh. 😡 (Okay, probably not.)

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