Being Nice in a Mean World

No matter who you are or what you believe in, you have to face this universal truth:

You’re stubborn.

It’s just human nature and pride and all that. When you believe in something, you stand up for that belief. And no one can make you change your mind on it. No one.

In fact, debating a topic seems to only make your belief in something stronger. And of course, make you angrier at the opposing party.

Now, as a Christian, this is where things get tough. We want to argue for what we believe in because we know it to be right. But not everyone shares that belief, and when we get in that heated “YOU’RE A SINNER! REPENT, YOU HEATHEN!” mentality the world sees us as bigots.

In a perfect glitter unicorn princess world, we would all be nice to each other and have the patience to listen to someone else and try to understand where they’re coming from. But we don’t.

And Christians, I think, are somewhat to blame too, because we haven’t led with the love we were commanded to.

Here’s a video that really touches on this. It’s funny and all, but has a good message at the end. 

And that’s all I have ’cause there’s some creepy person that keeps laughing outside, so I’m going to hide under the bed now. 😖

Also, look at this pic of a racoon. Now that is the stuff of nightmares😱


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