Book of the Week- Stars Above by Marissa Meyer


The end is FINALLY HERE!

Stars Above is (supposed to be, BETTER BE) the last Lunar Chronicles book. I don’t know if Heartless falls anywhere in this series, but I really don’t care.

It’s not that this series was bad, in fact, I found it to be mostly clean and rather enjoyable. It just, felt longer than most of the other series I’ve done. 😝

So, today since I’ve already finished the series, I’ll just do a review for this book as well.

Let’s start with Winter first.

Winter is technically the last major book in the series. It wraps things up between all of the characters- whether their happy ending is there or not. (It’s YA, so I’m pretty sure you can guess that one)

Like I said last week, Fairest might be a dark prequel, but it does generate sympathy for the protagonists (there are so many of them) in this book.

Now, here’s the bad news about the book first: there are too many POVs. Thankfully, because of the gradual increase in characters for the last several books, it’s not too much to handle. But I did find myself losing interest in what some characters had to say versus others.

Another piece of slight negativity would be that because of all the characters, the story itself did drag in some parts. It took forever to get from point A to point B, because you had all these characters doing this and these doing that and they ALL had to tell their sides of it.

With that comes the last domino, which would be that the action was lacking. The rebellion felt like an after thought, there were only a handful of really good battle moments. And when they were good, they were great.

Now for the good news: it’s the same story as all the other ones, and it’s a good enough ending to the series. “Snow White” or Winter, has the same amount of nice hints and twists on the fairytale. (Although, I don’t remember reading anything about dwarves. So there’s that missing piece.)

The final moments between Levana and Cinder were really well written, I think. There’s a few twists here and there, and it’s got some dark enough moments.

Overall, I think it’s not too disappointing. Although (and spoiler, kind of), I really wish the author would have committed to one of the characters, you know, at the end. 😵⚰️

Moving on to Stars Above- there’s not really much to be said.


It has a few nice short stories in there. I found the most interesting ones to be about Scarlet’s grandmother, Cinder’s first moments in New Beijing, and Winter’s story pre-well-Winter.

One that I particularly didn’t care for was the one in Kai’s perspective about how he and Cinder first met. Seemed a little unnecessary. Just saying.

But there also is an ending scene, an epilogue of all the main characters together. And there may or may not be a really cute wedding. So, if short prequel stories aren’t your thing, then I’d definitely recommend it just for that.

Now on to better (different books).

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