Pinky Promise?


Simple were the days where you could trust someone with your life by simply twisting your pinky around their’s.When you’re a kid, your secrets typically aren’t that big of a deal. I remember going up to my best friend and saying something along the lines of, “I’ve got a secret, but you have to pinky promise you won’t tell anyone!” (And it’d almost always be about a guy I had a crush on that they and everyone else on the planet would know about.)

There were even such things as zipping lips and throwing the key away that gave you even more insurance that your friend had your back.

How great would it be to live in a world where people honored pinky promises? (Or really just any form of keeping their word? At all.)

Like, when you’re on hold and the machine goes “Your call is very important to us”- if your call is so important, you wouldn’t be waiting for an hour to hear from a live representative. Just saying. I’ve worked in customer service. It does NOT take an hour to get back to someone. Maybe 10 minutes, at the most. Even then.

Or when you have a job interview and they say, we’ll give you a call with our decision-but a year has gone by and they still haven’t called. (Still waiting to see if I got the job, Claire’s. Still waiting.)

Or when your friend makes you promise that you won’t breathe a word about her secretly seeing someone but then you end up blabbing it to everyone you know, including your parents and the *insert pet here*. (Oh, wait. I think that one’s on me. Several accounts too.)

But yeah. I don’t really know the point or lesson of what I’m saying. We all know it’s never gonna happen, people keeping their promises and their words. Just, how nice would it be, ya know?

I mean, you can make the promise to try and be a better person, but I’ll stick to being mediocre. Don’t want that kind of responsibility.

***Also, speaking of mediocrity- I didn’t post on this past Fictional Friday because I have a big project coming up for this ones. (Well, maybe not big. But it definitely requires more thinking on my part then 15 minutes Friday morning.) So be looking for that! (Not really actually. Please don’t get too excited. Excitement makes me nervous 😝)

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