Book of the Week- Fairest by Melissa Meyer


Well, this one doesn’t look creepy at all.

I figured that before the final chapter in the Lunar Chronicles happens for me, I need to read the prequel book. Why? Well, it’s not going to do any harm. There’s nothing really there that’s new I guess. And the author herself recommends it.

But still, a book about a ruthless villain… what can go wrong?!

On to happier things…


Okay, so Cress is Rapunzel. She’s got long hair. She’s trapped in a “tower” (it’s a satellite). But she’s a hacker. An awkward, goofy hacker. (For those of you who watch Arrow, she is 100%, undeniably Felicity Smoake. That’s just, that’s that.)

Now, you pretty much can expect that her love interest is the only guy in the series not coupled up. (I knew it the minute this guy was introduced. He’s got Flynn Ryder, all over him.)

There are nice fairytale nods to this one, but something better than Scarlet is that we see even more of Cinder and less of Scarlet. (Is that mean? Oh well) And actually, I grew more sympathy towards Scarlet and her beau in the end.

This is the big one. It’s setting things up for the grand finale. You’ve got reunions and turmoil and sparked rebellions.

But what do you want me to say? I mean, it’s AGAIN creative enough. But it’s still just the same ole grind here. It’s kind of set up like a video game. You beat the minor, side show villains before leading up to the boss level.

I feel like I do relate more to Cress, only because she’s this dork that people underestimate who actually has a brain. I mean, she’s the smartest one there. Duh.

Aside from the android-girl-friend-comic-relief-thing.

Swearing, none. At least, I’m pretty there’s none. If there is, then it’s just the usual h and d’s.

I’m just ready for this series to be over. “Will they have a happy ending though, Ciara?!?!” All I can say to that is: 🤢

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