Monday Fever?


T-minus 3 and a half days until Friday.

If you’re like me (and basically, the rest of humanity), then you agree that Monday is the WORST.

I mean, where did the weekend go? And better yet, how can we make the next one get here faster??

Anyway, today I thought I’d ramble about the best cure for the Monday blues- laughter. And a heck of a lot of it.

I think it’s interesting how people can find the weirdest things to laugh about. Take me for instance. To people who don’t know me very well, they assume that I’m this sweet and quiet person. (Hahahaha… ahem.) So, it might come as a shock to find that I LOVE violence. I mean, it’s horrible, but I laughed my butt off when that one guy was eaten by the T-Rex while he was taking a dump. (Jurassic Park, for the under-a-rock dwelling weirdos) Or, speaking of butts, there’s this movie where Denzel Washington shoves a bomb up a guy’s… too much? Okay.

But yeah, I don’t know why I find that stuff hilarious. Maybe it’s the justice aspect, or I’m just a sicko. Who knows!? (I do. It’s definitely both. And also, I might be a little insane. Just a smidge. Tee hee)

Or, here’s a strange one: You’re driving in the car with your family. Suddenly, you feel your stomach rumble. That familiar urge down yonder. So you give in to it, as quietly as you can. You try not to react. And then you wait. Meanwhile, a minute goes by and whoever else is in the car shouts, “Ugh! Come on! Who did that?!” They blame the snickering kid in the backseat who always laughs when it comes to gas (because fifty out of ten times it’s always the kid). But lo and behold, it was you all along and you let them blame each other before confessing. Then you’re all laughing, and gagging, and there are tears rolling down everyone’s eyes. (Most likely from the smell)

See, laughing about farting is so weird. (Also, I don’t know what’s with the cheeky talk here…. sorry for not being very proper today. *Raises pinky while typing* Much better.)

What are weird things that you laugh about? I pretty much laugh about everything under the sun, now that I think about it. (Which has always gotten me into trouble, considering there are a lot of inappropriate times to laugh. Like funerals. And business meetings. And right now when my husband is sleeping for work.)

Here’s a video that you can watch- it’s  totally normal and not at all weird to laugh at. (Unless you’re allergic to cats… then this one might be a nightmare for you) You can brighten up your Monday by hitting me right here. Yeah. Here. Right in the words.

Tune in next time for some more awkward times. Or don’t. That’s fine too. I understand. 😿

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