Beauty and the Beast Thoughts


There’s nothing like opening a good book…

So recently, (and I can’t believe I have to bring this up), there has been a lot of news regarding the live action Beauty and the Beast. And I thought it was high time I weighed in on why I’m not inclined to see this remake. (My answer, might surprise you.)

1. Beast is too freaking pretty. When I heard Dan Stevens was playing the Beast, I was all like YES HE LOOKS PERFECT! But seeing the commercials, I just, really don’t care for the way he looks. Why are his teeth straight? Where are his tusks?! In the classic, he was a combination of different animals and was just a total… Beast. This time, he’s so obviously a pretty boy prince underneath there. It’s so disappointing. I mean, the point of it all is… “Who could ever learn to love a beast?” Not, “who could ever learn to love a gazelle?”

2. The costumes. Let’s face it. That gold dress was the best animated ball gown a princess ever had. It was perfect! But for some reason, it can never be done right. There’s just something lackluster about it in this version. I mean, at least it’s better than the broadway version… now that one is a fashion travesty. But still.

3. The gay choice. I’m just going to keep this as simple as I can. First of all, to say that this is Disney’s first openly gay character is true. But this is not Disney’s first gay character. It’s far from it! (Prince John, Scar, and Ursula- just to name a few) BUT their decision, while I guess makes some sense to the original, wasn’t the best choice. Come on! If anything, Gaston was totally gay… for himself!

4.This is the biggest mark against this movie for me… Belle is now an inventor, in an attempt to make her more feministic. I read an article which said that this was to change her from being a “dreamy, bookworm” to being more independent. But I’m a dreamy bookworm. And what is that telling people? You can’t just like reading to be a feminist. You have to have a “man’s job” too.

What was wrong with Belle before? I never saw her as weak! She raced off to find her father, without asking for Gaston’s help. She took his place, sacrificing her life for his. When the Beast snapped at her, she ran away and risked her safety to do so. She even fought the wolves off before he came to save her. She taught Beast to read, something he couldn’t have done without her. All of these things, were things that a “dreamy bookworm” did.

I think it’s really unfair to say that having a “man’s job” is what it takes to be a feminist. Sure, I think that women can do things men can do too. And I’m not saying that in itself is wrong. It’s just, having the courage to be bold, standing up for what you believe in, and being true to who you are, not conforming to what society wants you to be- that’s real strength. That’s real independence.

That’s the story I got out of the original Beauty and the Beast. And I think because it seems this live action changed what was already so good about the original, it just might be redbox movie for me.

I’m going to keep reading, no matter what they say. (They meaning.. the media? politics? Who knows?) I’ll keep being a dreamy bookworm. Because I have the courage to say this… MAKE SOMETHING ORIGINAL FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIVES! No sequels. No reboots. No remakes. O-R-I-G-I-N-A-L!

On a lighter note, here’s an old man Logan version that’s not rated R. (Although it does have some violent sequences. Nothing shocking or gorey). It’s pretty funny! Enjoy!

***Above were my APPREHENSIONS and OPINIONS on why I’m afraid of the remake. This is not a review of the movie as a whole and is not intended to be taken that way. I hope this movie proves me wrong, and changes my mind. We shall see. Or not see. Still so unsure.

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