Book of the Week- Gemina by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff


It’s technically still Wednesday, right?

Just yesterday, I finished reading the Bible (at a little over two weeks, so take that nay-sayers!) And with that, I can now move on to bigger things. (Really, just bigger books.)

Gemina is the sequel in the Illuminae Files series. And I have big expectations for it. Because the first book had a crap ton of plot twists in the end, and maybe it was because I wasn’t super into the story, but it really caught me off guard. So we’ll see if  this one lives up to the hype.

Normally this is the part where I review last week’s book. I’m not going to do that. See, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them is a great “text book” on magical creatures with nods to the Harry Potter world. Buuuuut, it’s just that. A book of useless, fun knowledge for those who happen to love Harry Potter.

It’s great and clean and creative. But there’s no major plot line. Nothing I can really judge it on. If you like Harry Potter, then you’ll like this. That’s all. End of story.



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