Book to Movies to Nerdy

Books are always better better than the movies….


Did you honestly think I was one of those narrow-minded nerds? It’s actually okay if you did. For the longest time, I’d almost agree with it. Almost.

But there are some movies that just improve on the books themselves. And just like it’s unfair to judge a book by it’s cover, isn’t it kind of unfair to judge a movie based on it’s book?

And I know it might be hypocritical for a bookworm to say that that they prefer the film version, but I’m also a bit of a movie lover. (Apparently not that big of a movie buff though, according to my in-laws.)

But yes, here’s just one example of a movie series that I think was generally better than the trilogy it was based on…

The Hunger Games.

Now, please don’t kill me avid book lover. It’s just an opinion. (The right opinion though.)

See, the actors and actresses brought the book to life and erased some really weird, useless crap (Peeta losing his leg, the whole train tracks scene, who the heck cares if Glimmer’s eyes were in the mutt’s… and that’s just a small part of the first book.)

I mean, to this day, I think the only mistake they made was not having a drunk Haymitch fall off the stage. And really who cares? Cause, Woody Harrelson.

But yeah, I want to know, which movie based off a book series is your favorite? (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter… no one say Twilight for the love of all that’s good in this world.) And what movie do you think actually is actually better than the book? (It’s okay. This is a safe place. Unless you say Divergent.)

Kidding. (Not really)

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