Writing Prompt #6

Because Valentine’s Day was just this past Tuesday, I present the “rooooomantic” version of this week’s Fictional Friday.

Now, for those of you who have an aversion to a flying baby with an arsenal of magic love inducing arrows, who isn’t as cool as all of the other billions of fictional characters who wield a bow… perhaps there’s something here for you too….

Okay, the writing prompt for today is: Their eyes met. Suddenly, they were alone in the crowd.

Let’s get this love crap started-
I’d never been in love. It was pathetic. But true. And it wasn’t for lack of trying. I’d met plenty of girls, went on plenty of dates. But no one stood out among the crowd. No one made me stop and stare and think, “She’s the one I’ve been waiting for.”

Then, one day, just as they say it always happens- everything changed when I saw her.

Her hair was in blonde patches, and they fell across her face in gentle swoops. Her smile was infectious, literally, her teeth were rotting out of her mouth. In fact, she was rotting all over. Her complexion was pale and yellowed, except for where she was injured- those places were stained brown and I imagined they reeked.

She walked hunched over, her right heel dragging against the cement. Her floral dress was barely clinging on to her, as she was just a bag of bones. It had rips and tears and was just as stained and dirty as she was.

She looked at me, her eyes meeting mine as her mouth twitched. And for the briefest of moments, we entered this sacred space where everyone and everything around us simply disappeared.

As her gray, discolored eyes watched me, and I watched her with all the life in me, I wondered why I’d felt like I’d known her for years- even though I’d never seen her before in my life.

She was beautiful.

“What are you waiting for?” I was brought back, all too soon. “Shoot it!”

Oh, I thought as I raised the shotgun to her head. I can’t love a zombie. My hands shook as I prepared to fire, sweat poured down my temple.

Perhaps, if only, in another life. On another world.

There was an explosion of liquid and flame as I pulled the trigger, and she flew back, crashing against the pavement. I turned my back to her and ran, following after my comrade. We were the only humans left in this place. It was foolish to think of love.

We rounded the corner, knowing the shot would attract more..

“And, cut!” Lights began to lift from the set. “That’s a wrap for today.”

I made my way back to the last area where the scene had taken place. Where I shot the girl. But she wasn’t there.

“Nice job on your first ‘kill’!” The director slapped me on the back. “Way to show the emotion. We expect more great things from ya, kid!”

I muttered a thank you, and headed over to a nearby extra who seemed caught off guard when I went to him. “Hey, man, do you know where I can find that zombie chick I shot today?”

He pointed outside, before replying. “I think she headed that way.”

I darted after her, not sure what to say if I found her. Good job out there today? I really liked your take on being a reanimated corpse? I know I just shot you in the head, but would you want to go out with me?

This would be a disaster, for sure.

I was searching high and low throughout the sea of people, when someone plowed right into my shoulder, knocking me off balance. They stumbled too, and we fell, sprawled on the ground together in the midst of actors and crew workers and extras.

I lifted up my face to meet the culprit’s, hoping that this incident wouldn’t prevent me from meeting Zombie Girl in Flower Dress as she was so titled on the script.

But as I peered into the cool, green eyes of the person who just body slammed me to the ground, whatever I was doing before ceased to exist. I found myself, for the second time today, entering another dimension with a complete stranger, where everything in the universe faded. And it was just us.

“I’m really sorry about that.” She lifted herself up, and I couldn’t help but follow. She giggled, showing her perfectly white teeth behind pink lips and a lively complexion. Her smile was a different kind of infectious all together. “Although after what you did to me today, I guess we’re even.”

Her words didn’t register until I noticed the faintest stain in her thick blonde hair as she tucked a rogue wave behind her ear. She was Zombie Girl in Flower Dress.

“Speaking of which, I know I just shot you in the head and all, but would you like to…”

And, the end.

***I wonder if this relationship could actually work in real life. I mean, I get anything is possible. But he was attracted to her when she was a full-blown zombie. I guess he saw her at her worst and still liked her. So, that’s good. Still kinda weird and gross. Ugh. Romance. Blech.

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