Book of the Week


Recommended books are never a good idea.

I mean, if you go and get a book you picked out for yourself, then if it leaves you disappointed, you can just go on with your life and your opinion.

But, if you read a book that someone you know recommends… well, heaven forbid that you don’t like it as much as they do.

And it’s hard, voicing an opinion. (That is mostly based on fact because we all know that NOT EVERY BOOK IS A GOOD BOOK).

The person who recommended this book is someone I think very highly of. And I’ve read the first couple pages so far, and I’m already quite intrigued.

But, even if this book doesn’t keep up that initial interest, I promise “Person Who Recommend This”, I’ll be as gentle as my honesty allows me. (But I think we’re okay because I’m preeeeetty dang sure she doesn’t read my little blog.)


Moving to last week’s (which was also recommended), I’m going to be as BRUTAL as I can be. Because, I’m pretty sure my husband can take it.

Actually, there’s not a whole lot to be brutal about. I liked this one…ish.

So, normally, I’m not a fan of perspective hopping when it’s between more than two people. I just feel like some books (ahem, The 100) don’t give you enough time to be emotionally invested in the characters, before it switches to someone else.

That being said, the author here did a really good job with all the characters he had to manage. And there was A LOT. My only problem with this was that I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember who had or hadn’t been in the movie.

Speaking of the movie, there were a few things that were changed to fit that Hollywood format. (Some, uh, spoilers. If you live under a rock with Patrick Star.)

For instance, Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler- aka, his blonde girlfriend in the movie, weren’t in a romantic relationship in the book. He was more of a mentor to her, because she was in her 20s while he was 40ish. Which was infinitely better than a chemistry-lacking romance.

There was also a ride down a river they took, while being chased by the T-Rex that didn’t make it into the movie. It was a great scene, which is probably why it inspired the ride at Universal Studios! (Go look it up. I’m like 99% sure that’s true.)

Unfortunately, no one got eaten off the toliet… but one guy did pee his pants. So, I guess, there’s that.

Also, nearly the entire first one hundred pages of the book is omitted from the movie because (more spoilers) babies were being attacked. (And I don’t think that would’ve bode well with movie goers at the time… or now. Hopefully. Not really.)

But, I will say that the characters who made it in the movie were perfectly casted. With Malcolm, all I can see is Jeff Goldblum. For reals.

Now, looking at the dinosaurs, I have to say that I have no idea what any other ones they were talking about were, aside for, of course, raptors and the T-Rex. There was A LOT of scientific names, and I’m just not a dino person. Not at all. In fact, speaking of the Universal ride, I’ve had this (irrational, I know) fear of dinosaurs since I was five. Animatronic, or otherwise.

So, this book wasn’t a very good one for ME to read. It was descriptive and at times very scary and I basically  couldn’t go to bed after I finished it.

But that’s just me. Haha. It was a great book to anyone else who isn’t a total whack job with a fear of animals that have been extinct for a good long while now. (Or  have they….? I mean, this book is basically my worst nightmare coming to life!)

And swearing wise, there’s quite a scattered bit, but not too scattered to where I decided just to stop counting. (Or forgot to count in the first place until I was 200 pages in.)

So, yeah. Go read the book. It’s really well written and not at all terrifying. There are great moments in there and I really liked it a lot. (Aside from being freaked out for the rest of the evening and my life. Totally didn’t help the fear that a velociraptor might eat me one day.)

Have a great rest of the week, sincerely, the nutjob.

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