It’s Here…


Valentine’s Day- the time where expectations are high and disappointment is just around the corner.

I honestly never cared for Valentine’s Day. It just seemed like love was being used as a market-scheme and bragging rights for whoever got the best gifts.

That is until I met my husband. And forgetting the cliches or gross little heart candies, I just love doing special things for him.

I think that’s the thing that gets overshadowed amidst all of the balloons and bouquets. It’s easy to forget that the greatest present doesn’t have a price tag- love.

And I think that love can be shown in many different ways, because each person is so unique. It can be as simple as a clean house or bathed pet. It could be a letter saying heart-felt words you’ve never had the courage to speak, or actions that speak for you.

And showing love doesn’t have to just be towards an SO. Family, friends, neighbors, even strangers all need some loving too! Whether it’s in the form of a card or a helping hand, whatever.

Instead of expecting things for yourself, give to others. We all like feeling special, cared for, important. And really, this is a year round principal, not just one to be used on February 14th.

Jesus never put it better, when He said “This is my commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you.” (John 15:12)

I mean, to love each other like Jesus loves us- that’s close to impossible. He looks past everything- the sin, the past, the pain- and His forgiving love never falters.

I mean, I’d be lying if I said my husband or parents or friends have never disappointed me. And I know I’ve let them all down plenty of times. And there are some things that are really hard to let go and move on from and love the person regardless of whatever went down.

But what a great time of year to mend relationships and begin the process of healing a broken heart. And how awesome it is, that there is this God full of love Who, regardless of our circumstances, cares about us just as we are!

But, yeah. I hope that everyone has a great Valentine’s Day! Peace ✌️and Love ♥️

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