Book of the Week


Another week, another adventure.

This week’s adventure, comes from a reliable source. So, I’m not being “blindly optimistic” when I say that it shouldn’t be as bad as before. And even though we might sometimes share different opinions, it should be okay, right? Right?!

(I’m just hoping for a guy to get eaten off the toilet like in the movie. Teehee.)



So, last week, I just so happened to be reading all of the Selection series. Now even if you’ve never heard of it, you’ve probably seen it around. (They’re literally EVERYWHERE, these books with girls in ball gowns)

Now, I’m going to try to keep it light because I know how beloved this series is. Still, I have to be a little honest here, so brace yourselves.

First let’s talk about the books in the POV of America Singer. These would be the first three: The Selection, The Elite, and The One. Now, I think this grouping has a generally good concept for a YA Dystopian. There’s a caste system, where each number your assigned deals with what jobs you might have and how rich or poor you may be. It’s totally unique. Original. Never been done before.

It has a strong female lead character who undergoes rebellion, struggles with a love triangle, doesn’t know how gorgeous she is, and sets out to defy all expectation, all while trying to figure out who she is and what she wants. Seriously, totally never been done before.

But aside from fitting the mold that all YA books HAVE to follow for some reason, it wasn’t that terrible. In fact, I can’t really blame the author. Do whatever it takes to make the money.

Moving to Happily Ever After. Out of this entire book world, I’d have to say this would be my more favorite. And it was only just a compilation of short stories, from other characters perspectives.

In fact, I think the love story between two other characters (no names, no spoilers) was FAR more interesting and captivating than the main ones. Just, just saying.

Then there was The Heir and The Crown. I don’t know if the author intends to do more books, after this, but this did feel like the finale. These books take place 20 years from The One, and are about the daughter of two characters from the first series. Who’s daughter? No SPOILERS. But I will say that accidentally looking ahead, even reading the summary of these, will ruin the first three books for you. (Not really. It’s pretty freakin obvious.)

I didn’t care for these, really. It was interesting to see the whole “where are they now?” bit with the original band of folks, but other than that. Just, eh.

I’d say putting stereotypes and preferences aside, there’s only a couple of negatives. It’s too much like the Bachelor. Some people might see that as a GREAT thing. But, once a week is almost too much of that for me anyway.

The author, Kiera Cass, claims to be a Christian. Cool for her, and whatever. But her convictions aren’t really mine (and not judging here) there are two things that put that into question: swearing (however, minimal it may be compared to others) and an uncomfortable couple pairing. (That’s, just, all I’ll say.) My least favorite was definitely The Crown, just because of that situation, amongst other things.

Now let’s get to the swearing:

The Selection- 4 h***, 8 d***
The Elite- 5 d***, 2 h***, 3 God’s name in vain
The One- 3 h***, 4 d***, 1 a**
Happily Ever After- 3 h***, 3 d***, 1 b***h
The Heir- 1 h***, 1 d***
The Crown- 1 h***, 1 d***
The Siren- 1 h***

So yeah, really not bad, all things considering. Oh, and another plus: not any sex. I mean, it’s implied when a couple is married, but it’s kind of the law of the land not to fornicate. So, that was refreshing.

Speaking of The Siren, this book had to probably be my most favorite. And yet, it wasn’t a part of the Selection Series at all! It was pretty well done, and I didn’t find much fault with it, comparatively. A pretty interesting take on, you guessed it, sirens. Out of all of the books, I would definitely recommend this one. But overall, they mostly were nice little fluffy stories. So if you like that sort of thing, good for you! (And honestly, after the week’s read before, it was nice to give my brain a little break.)

So yeah, that’s all I really have. Hope it wasn’t too harsh for you! (And you know who YOU are!) Haha


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