Action Writing Playlist


There are these times when I just can’t help but to let in murderous, gorey thoughts.

Haven’t you ever met that one person who makes you go to… the dark side? Or something crappy happens and you just want hit something really, really hard? (Or someone for that matter?)

All of these pent up emotions, all of the anxiety and stress and anger- are great mood setters for writing.

But when I’m not really feeling the hate (which is, like, never), there are songs that really help set the tone for some great butt-kicking scenes…

  • (Imagine Dragons) Battle Cry, Warriors, I’m so Sorry, Sucker for Pain(plus other dudes), Friction, Who We Are, Ready Aim Fire
  • (TwentyOne Pilots) Heathens
  • (Eminem) Without Me
  • (Grace) You Don’t Own Me
  • (Fallout Boy) Immortals, My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark
  • Now, almost any MARVEL movie has a great, blood-pumping track. Here are just some honorable mentions:
    (Iron Man 3) Battle Finale
    (Xmen First Class)Sublift, Xmen, Magneto
    Guardians of the Galaxy- Black Tears
  • Divergent Soundtrack- Capture the Flag, Choosing Dauntless
  • Batman v Superman- Their War Here, Wonder Woman Theme, and Batman Theme
  • (OneRepublic) Love Runs Out

I could literally go all night with this one. But I won’t. Cause, I’m nice like that. (At least, for right now.)

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