Writing Prompt #3


Fictional Friday just turned into Soliloquy Saturday. Just kidding. But I didn’t post yesterday. And I guess that’s sad or whatever. Boo hoo.
Hence why I’m posting today.

Here’s a poem describing why I didn’t post yesterday:


I feel so, so fat
My husband says that I’m not
But mirrors don’t lie

People often lie
Some to protect their loved ones
Others just because

He’s not a liar
At least not in this instance
Still, I don’t believe

These clothes are too tight,
I’m getting claustrophobic
Inside my own skin

What’s the date today?
The end of the month is here?!
That explains it all!


This concludes my poem. What? You seriously shouldn’t expect serious things from me by now. See ya Monday! Ciara Jude out.

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