Book of the Week


I went to the library today on a mission..
I wanted a book on Fantasy. (Pretty much like always!) Except I was stunned to discover a horrible new detail about myself. I hate YA fiction now. I hate it. I hate it. I haaaaaaate it.

No matter what book I picked up it was the same storyline, over and over again. I just, the more I read these books that seem like good-enough ideas that are drowned in predictability, the more I want to write a story that has true plot twists that no one will ever see coming. And the more I miss how naive I was in my younger mind. The teenage girl who didn’t mind a love triangle here and there, at least not as much as I do now.

Ugh, frustrating.

I am hopeful for this one, however. I don’t know if that’s just the pretty cover luring me in… but I’m hopeful.


Last week’s book, on the other hand, is far from cliche and doesn’t have much in the way of love triangles and teenage problems.

I love history, and the pages in this hardback are filled to the brim with it. So, does that mean I love this story? The answer is just more of an, eh. Whatever.

It was a lot of facts, written in a more fictional style. Which was refreshing, but at the same time… kinda boring to read all at once.

And I, actually leading a more traditional married life, almost was insulted with how being a housewife was portrayed. Just because it’s not the lifestyle you want, doesn’t mean that other women feel the same way. And that doesn’t mean it’s an easy, boring job either. Because taking care of a grown man-child most certainly is not! (Plus, I get to watch Netflix while I’m working!)

Getting away from that rant, for this being based on a true story, I was kind of shocked to learn the things that happened back then. There was A LOT of infidelity. Call me crazy and innocent, but I just assumed that men never cheated on there wives back then. Just kidding.

Here’s a list of swear words: (Surprisingly not as bad as previous reads. But still.)

9 h***, 10 d***, 1 d**k, 1 a**, 4 uses of God’s name in vain (one of those being paired with d***)

Overall, if I’m honest, I liked the TV show better. But that’s my opinion. You should make one for yourself, really.

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