The Zoo Writing Prompt


Woohoo! Fictional Fridays!!! Today we went to the zoo, and we happened upon this guy sitting on a bench in the back where no one really walks.

My husband immediately turned to me and told me I needed to come up with his story. So alas, we now have today’s writing prompt.
(Yay. So excited here.)

He stared out; his eyes focusing on nothing at all. To the common passerby, he would appear to be studying at the exhibit of majestic birds before him. Yet, the only thing that he was studying was all of the mistakes that he had made.
His mind replayed them over and over and over. He didn’t know how much time had passed since he started, how long he had sat here on this bench contemplating all the wrongs he’d committed.
He could hear the young couple behind him, laughing wholeheartedly as if they’d never made any mistakes of their own. As if they’d never felt the pain this cruel world has to offer.
But he’d felt every pain. He’d known every sorrow. And every mistake he had made had led to the one single moment that would leave a permanent scar.
He placed his head in his hands, nearly ripping his tufts of hair out with his grip. If only he had heeded all advice instead of pushing them away. If only he had listened to the ones that he held most dear. But it was too late. He had been too careless. He trusted the wrong person. A person he’d trusted with secrets and whispers and his very own heart. And it would cost him everything, in the end.
The couple skipped off to the next thing. Hand in hand. Heart with heart. As they rounded the corner he stood, now taking notice of the winged creatures before him.
He willed himself to fly. And he did.
Unbeknownst to him, the young couple lurked in the shadows, knowing all too well the weight the man had carried all his life.
For they too had secrets. Only, they chose to share theirs with the right person.

Im dead now. Peace out (but not too much peace) – Ciara Jude

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