Book of the Week


I’ve owned this book long before I was a wife, and yet I’m just now reading it.

Honestly, I love the era and how it’s based on a true story, so I am pretty dang excited to get this book started. (Plus the short-lived TV series based off this was so so so so GOOD)

Speaking of eras that I love, it’s time to review last weeks read!


When I read the synopsis at the library, it basically was like, here’s two people who have a long distance relationship via letters in the backdrop of World War One.

For this history lover who fell in love with a man who lived thousands of miles away from me, how could that not instantly pull me in???

But the book took a bit of a more heavier tone, because while there was a lot of graphic descriptions of the horrors of war, there were horrors that the main character herself had to deal with back in America.

Hopping right into it, here are a few things I found to be negative. (Calm down, chill out. No spoilers)

  • The people closest to the protagonists are atheists, that poke fun at anyone with faith
  • There’s a few sexual references, not many, but still
  • Graphic war-related content
  • The main struggle of one protagonist throughout the book… let’s just say there’s a questionable morality to it.

And of course, there was swearing. Surprisingly for a book on war, not as much. But, alas:

3 f-bombs, 7 s-words, 10 h***, 1 p***, 3 b*****d, 3 d***, 1 a***, and 9 uses of God’s name in vain.

Now that we’ve gotten that negativity out of the way… would I recommend this book?

I think that depends on whose reading it. There has to be a level of discernment between what’s right and wrong here. Personally, I really enjoyed it. Each chapter alternates between the lead male and the lead female. I liked how they were in their own ways dealing with inner battles outside of the oncoming war. I honestly would have been completely okay with just reading their letters to each other. Flaws aside, it was a well-written novel.

But yeah, check it out if you like. Or don’t. As always, make time to do something you enjoy! (And if that’s not reading, you is crazy!)

Here’s to an even better book next week!

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