Book of the Week


Have you ever just wandered through the library/bookstore and picked up a book because the cover lured you in?

Thats how this book of found its way to me.

But yes, I hope that it’s really good. Now for the review of last weeks…. (because someone hasn’t started a YouTube channel to prevent so much typing!)


I’ll start this off on a positive note. (And no spoilers, obviously!) I have a HUGE appreciation for anything set to the backdrop of WWII. (I mean, Captain America. Pearl Harbor. Up! Come on people!)

This book has a lot of real vintage pictures that people collected, and the story seems written around the photos, which I found to be a pretty creative idea.

But this book, just like all books, was created by an imperfect human being. Therefore, it’s not a perfect book, by any means.

I think the pacing and the overall language and tone of this is really well written. And there’s an element of mystery, that encourages a curious mind to read more. It’s not until around the first hundred pages that we get to “the good stuff”. So if your an impatient reader, that might bother you just a tad.

The story itself is interesting and captivating enough, but I think for me, there were so many things that had been spoiled just by seeing the commercials for the movie.

Before I even started reading this and thinking I’d review it, I knew I wanted to put out a clean and honest review. That being said, the amount of swearing cannot go unchecked here.

And there is quite a bit.

12 uses of h***, 11 d***, 14 p***, 8 a***, 2 b*****d, 10 s***, 16 uses of God’s name in vain- including 5 of those times paired with the d***, and 1 middle finger.

That’s around 60 swear words in total. If that doesn’t deter you, I understand. Different convictions or no conviction and all that. All I can say, is the swearing was unnecessary and didn’t at all help the plot along. In fact, it made me not want to finish the book all together. But, moving on.

Here are some other parts that I didn’t care for and/or found uncomfortable:

  • Someone chews and smokes tobacco (once at the same time)
  • A kid under the age possess a firearm
  • Graphic death(s)
  • Drinking (lots and lots of drinking)
  • The stereotype of being privileged and set for life, but complaining about it
  • Tye stereotype of being a white-trash wannabe rapper
  • Wasted talents
  • (Spoiler-ish) Unoriginal”superpowers” and Awkward, forced, too fast romance

And then some positive elements:

  • I found one of the “romantic” plots interesting and appealing
  • Even though there were things I didn’t like, they were in there own way realistic enough
  • The author had some pretty cool, creative ideas
  • The girls were more heroic than the guys, and not in a feministic forced way
  • There were some well-written, intriguing characters
  • (Spoiler-ish) It ends in a bit of a cliffhanger

Overall, I think it was a good and interesting read. Was it my favorite book? (Don’t kill me) Nope. Did I looooove it? About as much as I love turkey vs the real deal!

But that’s just my opinion. No two people are alike. You might really enjoy it. Or you might want to cast it into the fires of Mt. Doom. If you’re interested then go read it for yourself and form your own opinion. Or don’t or whatever.




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