Why, Hello There


Today is officially declared a lazy day! It’s too freakin’ cold to do anything but stay in bed with hot chocolate and read.

But if reading isn’t your forte (blasphemy, I say!), then I have the perfect thing for you…

You know you want to tap/click here to watch this hilarious video. Doooooooo it.

Anyways, stay warm! (Or cooool, depending on wherever you are in this universe.) Commencing nap-sequence, now!


  1. Windy · January 4, 2017

    Hilarious video! I would happy trade the Florida weather for a few days of cold. Stay warm!♡


    • CiaraHeyJude · January 5, 2017

      Lol. Well, when it’s 5 degrees you might think otherwise. Thanks for reading, and we shall try! Haha


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