Book of the Week:


So this week (in case the picture isn’t obvious) I’m reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

Something that I want to try and accomplish is to be a better reader. Now before you get your pitch forks sharpened, this is NOT a 2017 Resolution.

This is a LIFE resolution. It’s something that I know I probably won’t accomplish this year, but that I might with years and years of endless application.

Now, being an aspiring writer and book nerd this is going to be blasphemy to even utter, but I’m pretty sure I only read three books last year. And I have no real excuses for this treachery either (unless you accept staring at my husband every chance I get… what? He’s pretty dang handsome.)

But I kinda lost my credibility as a “book nerd”, because the younger, single-er me would have already read this entire series and 100 other books before it was even summer.

And who knows, what with the hope that i can very soon launch my YouTube channel- maybe I’ll actually review this thing.

Read (or reread) along with me if you’d like, read something else entirely (probably for the best), or just do something. Whatever it is that you’ve struggled with in the past, conquer it! Week by week, day by day.

You might not defeat it by the end of this year, but one day I know you’ll be able to punch it right in it’s fake (or real) face!

That’s right Jane Austin, I’m coming for you!

***no dead heroes of Ciara Jude were harmed in the writing of this post, nor will they ever be harmed because they are dead. RIP, JA


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